Vista Biologicals provides a variety of services to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, specializing in animal cell culture and protein chemistry in a cGMP-compliant environment.


Our spectrum of services can be divided into three general categories:

Determining a Fit

Outsourcing your research or product manufacturing with Vista Biologicals begins by determining up front if we have the capabilities, capacity and services you are looking for.

Understanding Your Project

Vista Biologicals will conduct a comprehensive survey to help us learn more about your project, manufacturing requirements, as well as any issues specific to your project we may need to address. This survey serves as the basis for our proposal as well as a starting point for any supplemental analytical or development work the project may require. Typically, at this junction a confidentiality disclosure agreement between your firm and Vista Biologicals is signed.

Providing a Proposal

At this stage, a more detailed discussion of the project goals is required and is usually accompanied by conference calls and/or site visits. We gladly welcome tours of our facility. Once we feel we have a thorough understanding of the project, we will submit a detailed proposal and cost estimate. We will then contact you to address any questions or modifications you may have.

QA Audit

As part of your company’s due diligence, we fully expect that a formal QA audit may be necessary. Vista Biologicals will work with your QA to provide a date for the audit and an agenda to maximize your audit time.

Delivering on Our Promises

If we have been fortunate enough to receive your business, one of our project managers will be in constant communication with you. You will be apprised of the project status regularly and invited on site to witness the work if you wish. We strive for interactive communication with our clients and our project managers will be available to answer any questions or address any issues you may have from the moment you decide that Vista Biologicals is the right choice for you, through the completion of the project.

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